Lynn Valley Meats proudly provides Lynn Valley residents with quality meat & poultry. Awarded Best Butcher Award in the North Shore for many years, we  carry free-range chicken,  free-range beef,  free-range lamb, as well as free-range eggs and more.

Free-range is a farming system that offers animals the opportunity for extensive locomotion and sunlight prevented by indoor housing systems.

Among the brands we carry, we have “Pure South Beef” . Their lamb, beef and venison are tender, lean and easy to prepare.

We also carry beef from “Alliance Group” , a company that  produces very high quality meat products from lamb, sheep, cattle, deer and veal, sourced from its shareholders under extensive free-range farming practices.

Lynn Valley Meats Market in North Vancouver has all what you need to provide your family with quality, natural, healthy nutrition.

Here are some of the products you will find in our store in a regular bases: (Selection might change without notice)

Sausages / Bacon / Cold Cuts / Roasted Beef / Charcuterie / Airdried Meats / Paté

Salami / Cooked Ham / Poultry / Burgers / Ground Meats / Sliced Products

Misc. Pork / Misc. Beef / Misc. Meats / Buffalo / Lamb

Pies & Pockets / Pita Bread / Mexican Basics / Iranian Basics / East Indian Basics

Frozen Products

Ribs / Beef Burgers / Buffalo Burgers / Ground Pork / Ground Beef / Chicken Cordon Blue

Dairy Products

Free Range eggs / Organic Milk / Organic Natural Yogurt / Variety of Cheeses

Sour Cream /


Some seasonal basics such as: Potatoes / Onions / Garlic / Ginger